June 18, 2021

The GOP death squads are on hold

In a 3rd attempt to remove the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare program they helped design, the GOP was shot down by the Supreme Court stating no legal standing.

Well ladies and gentlemen, it appears that the Supreme Court is working in the little guys favor.

I know. We at the ANC are surprised as well.

Apparently in another attempt to remove the weak, and barely functioning, Obamacare health system the GOP failed. They didn’t have a legal standing according to the court. I mean, we all knew that they didn’t have a moral standing, but legally there was nothing there as well.

The GOP never fails to impress the ANC with how low they will go in their attempt to remove everything keeping the poor and impoverished from just plain dying. Gerrymandering to maintain their positions, voter suppression to stop minorities from voting at all but especially from voting them out, working hard to remove every social structure built to support society as a whole except for the upper class, and just generally spitting out the window when they see a panhandler while saying naughty words. It’s hard to understand how these people are supposed to represent “We the People” when “We the People” make up ALL the People and not just the 1%, but maybe that’s above our paygrade here at the ANC.

The GOP Disconnect

After losing… again… these special butterflies fighting this battle to wipe out safety nets for the poor and infirm across the states they are supposed to be leading claim they are doing this because they don’t think the government should be heavy handedly stepping in on peoples lives.

*raises eyebrows really, really high*

You mean the same guys that just made it illegal in multiple states to give drinks to people standing in line at a voting poll? The same guys that are trying to require women who have miscarriages to get death certificates? The same guys that… no… this list could go on forever.

My point is… Remove the frigging beam from your eye first, before trying to pull the speck out of the Federal Governments eye, please.

Fucking morons.

But if you wanna talk about fucking morons? You should see the far right extremists over at some of the places acting like they are news sites. Oh boy. THEY are livid, saying things like “Lawsuit Challenging Obamacare Struck Down By Supreme Court, With Votes From Trump Judges.“ I can’t get enough seeing groups like this lose their shit and CONTINUE to call this stuff Obamacare, as if somehow they are still blaming him. Yeah, he put it in place, but guys… He’s not the President anymore.

Trump did his time in the middle, why didn’t he get rid of it? Why?!

Because the system built was too good. It doesn’t matter WHO put it in place, the system it was installed in was DESIGNED to lock and load a system like the Affordable Care Act. But even funnier for me is the fact that most of what was put in place was ORIGINALLY designed by frigging Republicans?!?!?!

Do your research, be mad, fine, but point your angry and act like a child in the direction it needs to be acted at.

For fucks sake.

Until we see an Anarchist in a position of power *chuckle* I am gonna just sit here and laugh at ALL of you AND be mad at ALL of you. You are all propping up a system that keeps you all under it’s thumb, and you celebrate it.


Have fun.

Article written by randomblink

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